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About Us

At Subcell, we are your one-stop home for buying and selling used mobile phones. We offer top dollars for your used and brand new mobile phones. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, or any other phone, we can buy it at the best price.

We are a dedicated team

From that humble beginning; we have grown into the most trusted used phone buying and selling service In Montreal and the surrounding areas.  We have a reputation for having the best prices in Canada.

Even if you are not located in Montreal, you can ship your phone to us, we will do a valuation and let you know how much it’s worth. We also buy used mobile phones in bulk. However, we don’t buy stolen mobile phones or those that have been reported as lost.


Our approach

When we receive your phone, we carry out a thorough inspection to determine its condition. We then do a valuation of the cellphone. After that, we inform you of our price. If you are satisfied, we pay you top dollars for your cellphone.

We sell used cellphones

We also sell used cellphones that have undergone thorough inspection to determine their quality. All our second-hand phones are in good working conditions.

We do phone repair

We also carry our smartphone repair services. We repair a wide range of cellphone problems such as cracked screen, water damage, loss of signal, speaker problem, and many more.  All our cellphone repair prices are competitive.

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Whether you want to sell or buy a used cellphone, you can contact subcell repairs on